We are still here for our customers! 


In light of the Covid-19 outbreak, the Verno Art Studios physical gallery is temporarily closed.


We are continuing to provide art consultant services using this website, email and photos. As always there is free delivery and free return of any artwork purchases within 30 days


JUNE, 2020 COVID-19 UPDATE: We can now let you enter the physical gallery on an appointment only basis. We can bring artwork to your home or office for you to view it there. We are setting the following standards for our staff. Wear a mask at all times while in a home or workplace, stay at least 6ft from the owner at all times, and check your temperature daily, and thank you for your continued support.

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1193 36x48 C
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About Us

For over 25 Years Verno Art Studios has offered individuals and major corporations a remarkable selection of paintings, lithographs, serigraphs, and fine art prints to complement residential and business interiors.


Our expertise includes knowledge of art, experience in large-scale art program implementation, and a wide variety of art to satisfy different tastes and budgets.

We offer free art consultations where we can bring a few pieces to your home or office so you can try them on your walls first.


Whether it is original and unique, or a replica, art can lift us up, touch our hearts, amuse or entertain us.



48" x 72"

Oil on Canvas



48" x 72"

Oil on Canvas



48" x 60"

Oil on Canvas


New Free Art Consultation Service

Find your dream artwork


Email us a photo(s) of the space you want to decorate

Tell us the size of the wall and your budget

We will email you a selection of artwork to consider

We will bring any artwork you like to you to try it on your walls

New Free Virtual Viewing Service

Find your dream artwork


Select Artwork you would like to consider buying from this Website.


Email us a photo(s) of the space you want to decorate.

Tell us the size of the wall and your budget.

We will email you back your photo(s) or your space to decorate with your selected artwork hung on your walls.

We will bring any artwork you like to you to try it on your walls

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     Art Consultation

    Our art curators and consultants will help you pick the right artwork for your home or office. We offer a FREE consultation.

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     For Home

    Add some personality to your walls, whether it's for condo, house or apartment.

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     For Office

    Make your business stand out with carefully handpicked artwork by our professionals.

  •   Services

    • Custom Framing

    • Lamination & Printing

    • Professional Installation

    • Free World Wide Delivery

    • Art Rental

    • Artwork Moving

    • Restoration

Monday to Friday
11:00 am to 6:00 pm
11:00 am to 5:00 pm

200 Wellington Street West, Suite 120, Concourse Level,

Metro Centre, Toronto, Ontario



vernostudios.com / email: vernostudios@me.com

Directions: From St. Andrews subway station, take the underground PATH to Metro Centre

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