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There have been some messages asking about Verno Collections. However, we are not related to this Verno company in the USA. Our artwork has never had the writing "Verno Collections." Therefore, we could not help with any inquiries about this company.

Campi Che Bruchiano
Douglas Fox_Hunting_72x42 copy
DM_Icy Glow_72x48__R0A4637
The Song of Still Water I
Passion of Ocean
Free As A Bird
Eyes of the Storm


About Us

For over 25 Years Verno Art Studios has offered individuals and major corporations a remarkable selection of paintings, lithographs, serigraphs, and fine art prints to complement residential and business interiors.


Our expertise includes knowledge of art, experience in large-scale art program implementation, and a wide variety of art to satisfy

different tastes and budgets.

We offer free art consultations where we can bring a few pieces to your home or office so you can try them on your walls first.


Art can lift us up, touch our hearts, amuse or entertain us.


1115 24x48_1.jpg
1311 48X60 Different tones of voice.jpg



48" x 60"

Oil on Canvas



24" x 48"

Oil on Canvas


Different Tones of Voice 

48" x 60"

Mixed media on Canvas

Free Virtual Viewing/
Consulting Service

Find your dream artwork


Select Artwork you like from this Website or tell us what type of artwork you like.
Email us a photo(s) of the space you want to decorate.

Tell us the size of the wall and your budget.

We will email you back photos of your selected or our suggested artwork superposed on your walls.

We can bring any artwork you like to you, to see the artwork on your walls.

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