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Verno Art Studios provides the choice to individuals and businesses to rent our artwork.  Rental of artwork can be used to:


Help Decision Making on Artwork


Try out and enjoy different artwork in your home or business before making a purchase decision.  Rental payments will be applied against any future purchase of that artwork.


Provide Variety


Art Rental provides a facility to change the artwork in your home or business on a regular basis.  This will give your environment a new look and revitalization at a fraction of the cost of purchasing.

​Stage a Home


Let our consultants advise you on art that will increase buyer interest in your home.

​In a Film Production


Our inventory of over 3,000 pieces provides a selection of original artwork specifically cleared for use in film, television and commercial projects. Incorporating original artwork into your movie sets enhances their authenticity and richness, contributing to a unique and captivating visual experience. 

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