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Fiona Hoop

The painting of Fiona Hoop are collaborative works, which combine the talent and experience of two professional artists, Michele Woodey and Mary Kennedy. 

Michele Woodey B.A

Michelle Woodey graduated with donors in Fine Arts from Brighton School of Arts in England 1979.  From 1981-1986 Michele was a part time tutor teaching foundation level students in conceptual development, drawing and painting while continuing to develop her own artwork. Michele Woodey has held solo exhibits of her work at the prestigious Nexus Gallery in Brighton England, at Erindale College within the University of Toronto. 

Mary Kennedy

Mary Kennedy graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1989 and received OCAD's Experimental Arts Award in Painting. Since then, she has been the recipient of several Visual Arts Grants from the Ontario Arts Council, as well as from the Sheila Dick Mackay Arts Foundation.

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