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Art trends that’ll dominate the art space in 2023!

Art is about the representation of the artist’s creativity and feelings. An artist uses different forms and techniques to communicate with their audience. It’s not about the figures on the canvas but everything from the colour palette to the textures that have been created. The domestic art market has grown extensively in the last decade, and artists have received widespread recognition within and abroad. The art trends have seen change for the better in the past few years, yet the fundamentals of self-expression remain the same. Here are a few art trends we think will take over the art space in 2023.

Textured Artworks

Texture on one of Sterling's paintings
Texture on one of Sterling's paintings

The 2023 art trends could signify the ever-growing virtual art movement, predicting a proliferation of textured artwork. Impasto is a painting technique artists use to create texture in their work. This involves layering and blending thick paints using visible brush and palette knife strokes. After drying, this technique gives the artwork a new energy and dimension. Something about textured artwork satisfies an innate sense of touch and curiosity.

Street Art

Street Art
Youth Incorporated Magazine

Among the most accessible art forms, street art is the fastest-growing and will rise in 2023. Considered one of the largest and most famous art movements, it is applied to urban areas and public places such as building facades, bridges, and highway overpasses. Unique art forms often convey social, political, or personal messages and effect change. The Emergence of many regions and cities around the world deserves attention worldwide. For example, world-famous street-his artists such as Alec Monopoly and Eduardo his cobra create works that fill cities with colour and change the viewer’s perspective on society and art.

Calming Pastels

pastel abstract painting
On Cloud 9 by Jane Yong

Art fans will see a lot of neutral shades this year as relaxing pastel shades are more popular. Pastel colours have a calming effect on the viewer and will add an aura and theme of peace and tranquillity to many of the works in 2023. For example, the artist Calman Shemi has developed a medium called ‘Soft Paintings’ that addresses the relationship between the individual and the natural environment. Shemi has developed three unique painting techniques using this soft technique and her palette of colours, namely, Soft painting, lacquer painting, and window painting.

Virtual Art

ocean view with the wave
Silicon Valley Open Studios

Speaking of virtual art, 2023 is also set to make an appearance. Virtual art continues to grow in popularity, and works such as NFTs and digital art tools raise interesting questions about art and artists. The Technology behind virtual art has new possibilities to blur the lines between the creator, the viewer, and the artwork itself. Take 3D art genius Gal Yosef, for example. Yosef started his design career when he was 12 years old. His work focuses exclusively on his designs digitally and uses his computer technology in the creative process.

Body Art

dog picture is painted on the hand

First, body art can increase self-awareness—understanding one’s physical characteristics, emotions, and behaviours. Human vision and mind are strongly influenced by body art because they can always capture human nature and embody the public human nature. The body is the most primitive and natural form of human expression, and body art is an external expression that emphasizes human nature. The art trend allows us to observe the most authentic and fundamental aspects of the civilization of humans.


sketch/drawing of the owl
Fine Art American

Drawing is one of the most recognized forms of visual art. An artist uses a device to draw lines on paper or another two-dimensional surface to create a drawing. Common drawing tools include pencil, paper, ink, crayons, crayons, pastels, ink brushes, erasers, markers, pens, and metal. Word drawing is a general expression used in various works that vary greatly in technique. Drawing perceptions and concepts have evolved, making them difficult to explain. In Contrast, the current definition of drawing is to use drawing tools to create lines on a surface.

The Art of Sculpting

a man is sculpting

Sculpture Art is used in many ways to represent politics, society, history, religion, ceremonies, and memorials. It’s not just an aesthetic art form. A tactile and imaginative expression co-located with the viewer, the work transcends time and space. Looking at a sculpture differs greatly from seeing an Aflac painting on a wall. The unique sculpture allows viewers to look above, below, or directly in. Observers can circle the lifelike figures for unique views and new insights. Intruding into human space, this symbolic richness offers an intellectually immersive experience.

Ceramic Art

ceramic mugs
Soul Ceramics

The pottery process forms clay and other raw materials into ceramics. The term “ceramic” comes from the Greek word “keramos” which means ”clay.” Human societies around the world began producing pottery crafts about 5,000 years ago. Historically, ceramic crafts have served both aesthetic and functional purposes. Ceramics as an aesthetic medium is thriving today in several technical fields. Ceramics are still valued for their traditional aesthetic and practical qualities.

Credit: lifestyleasia

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