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How To Bring Character To Your Modern Space With Antique Frames


Mirrors aren't just designed to add a decorative touch to an interior. They're also the perfect solution for making a space feel brighter and larger. Transforming vintage frames into mirrors will add more charm to your space. Here, we share some of our favorite ways to use of all styles to showcase the beauty of various design schemes, from bedrooms to dining areas.

different frame styles and sizes for modern farmhouse bedroom
Different styles and sizes add an inviting touch to the bedroom in a modern farmhouse

You can choose to keep original colours of the frames or have them painted to match your house decoration theme. Antique frames with gold tone go well with earthy colours, especially if furniture is made from wood or bamboo.

antique mirrors decoration with wood furniture
Three mirrors reflect light and complement this contemporary bedroom


Other than just displaying pictures inside, frames can also be repurposed into key holders, cake stands, storage, signs, and other useful items for any area of your home. There’s something so fascinating about finding ways to bring new life into old things and picture frames are one of the easiest items to use to recreate beautiful décor in all shapes and sizes.

vintage frames, antique frame for modern bedroom
Mirror in frame - the golden colour attracts attention in this dark gray bedroom

vintage frame, antique silver frame
A vintage plate in a silver frame with liner brings charm to the kitchen

Having said that, with valuable antique frames, you can always just hang them as they are on your wall without doing anything extra. You can also combine bright colour ornate frames with colourful paintings to create that modern look.

ornate colourful frame, ornate white frame, antique white frame
A pleasant aesthetic combination, ornate white frame with red-orange background painting

*All the frames and painting in this article are available for inquiry in our gallery. Please email us for details.

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