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How to Choose The Right Painting for Your Interior Spaces

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Choosing a painting seems a trivial task to many people. However, there are many pitfalls here: size, colour, concept. So let’s find out how to choose the right painting to look harmonious in the interior and which essential details you should pay attention to.

How to choose the size of the painting

Remember that large paintings are not for small rooms, but spacious halls. To make a painting look spectacular, you need to view it from a distance of several feet.

Then we come to the next important question: which wall should the picture be hung on? Yes, yes, all these questions must be resolved before you purchase. For example, when the picture hangs in the front entrance, the wall falls into the person's field of view.

The Song of Still Water III by Sterling - 72" x 48"

To choose a painting for a particular wall in the room, you need to consider the size of the furniture that stands near it. Interior designers suggest that it is ideal when the width of the picture is at least half the length of the sofa, table or chest over which it is located.

One small painting is lost in a large room, and it just doesn’t get noticed. On the contrary, a large picture in a small room will visually reduce the small space even more. It must be said that not everyone can afford spacious rooms, so the demand for small and medium paintings is always higher. Finding a buyer for a large painting is more difficult.

Splendid Sunflowers by Jaroszewska J - 36" x 36"

How to choose a painting by colour

A painting, of course, is not a dress, but the colour is very important. Colour is the very first thing a person pays attention to when looking at a painting. Colour evokes certain emotions because every colour has its own energy.

Also, customers select the colour scheme of an artwork when they are renovating. For example, they commission a large-size painting but ask to change the colour palette to match the colour of their dining room or living room, in colder / warmer shades.

Italian Paronama by Yulian Campo - 48" x 78"

How to choose a painting for a dark wall

When choosing artwork, not only the shade of the wall but also the colour scheme of the room as a whole is taken into account. Unambiguous advice is difficult to give, always trust your intuition.

Here are different variants of the approach for the colour scheme:

  • A painting in light colours will look good against a dark background of the wall — this is the rule of contrast;

  • You can choose one scale for the wall and the artwork. Then the wall will look like an extension of the canvas;

  • Highlight the painting with a light frame or a frame of two colours. This way, the canvas “lives” in the room, complementing it.

Ocean Wave by D.M. - 48" x 78"

Tips on how to hang multiple pieces on the wall:

  • Several paintings can be placed on the wall in a horizontal line, visually lengthening the room;

  • If you hang them vertically, the room will seem taller;

  • Diagonal placement looks most impressive along the stairs;

  • Hanging several paintings of different formats on one wall is called carpeting. In this option, it is necessary to take into account not only the size of the pieces and the shape of the frames but also the colour.

How to choose a painting for the living room

This is often the most difficult question because a picture for a living room must meet many requirements at once. In addition to colour and size, it is important that the painting reflects the interests of the homeowners. To do this, you can focus on a specific topic or choose something that fits the décor of the room. The purpose of paintings for an interior is to create a certain atmosphere in a room, set a mood or add a colour accent.

Rendevous by V.U - 44" x 93"

How to choose a painting for the bedroom

The room for rest and sleep is an individual place, so it is better to choose according to your own preferences. Imagine, you open your eyes in the morning and what do you want to see? Some people dream of picturesque crystal streams of water, others dream of mountains, and others prefer an erotic theme in the bedroom. Choose something that gives you a boost of energy and a good mood for the new day. As a rule, many paintings hang over the bed, but if you have a wall opposite the bed, by all means, use it. Let the narrative of the artwork positively reflect your new day.

The Song of Still Water I by Sterling - 48" x 72"

How to choose a painting for the office

This space should set you up for work and inspire confidence. It is common to see images of mountains or calm landscapes in offices. Of course, the artwork also depends on the room’s occupants. Alternatively, it might be portraits or paintings that reflect the interests of the owner: cars, hunting scenes, airplanes. Black and white graphics or abstraction in the same colours can also complement an office interior very well, giving the space a laconic look and making an impression over a desk.

Artwork by D.J.Kim - 48" x 36"

How to choose a painting for the kitchen

Paintings for the kitchen should evoke calm pleasant emotions because both cooking and eating are desirable to be carried out in a balanced state. Most often, paintings with calm landscapes or still life in various styles are chosen for the kitchen:

  • Classic

  • Abstraction

  • Minimalism

  • Impressionism

How to choose a painting for the bathroom

Yes, you can hang artwork in there too. The first requirement for a painting for the bathroom is its moisture resistance. Here it is important to pay attention that it is well coated with a moisture-resistant varnish. Or under glass in case of watercolours or prints. And if you choose a frame made of plastic, it will be more hygienic and durable.

No matter what criteria and recommendations you choose for the artwork in your home, the most important thing is that you like it. Because we choose art with our hearts and souls, just as artists paint their paintings.

Source: artbusinesssnews

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